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- All access is time based, no coins or tokens are required.

- All time is shared time - by rule everyone must take turns in the cages.

- No one gets a cage exclusively unless they rent it. No live throwing or hitting/tee work is allowed if others want to use the machines.

- A machine throws 10 balls each time it is started, 10 is the most balls anyone gets in a row if others are in line to use it. 

- Everyone must pick up all the balls they hit or throw in ANY cage and return them to the machines/buckets during sessions.

- Anyone wishing to conduct personal instruction MUST rent a cage to do so. We do not allow freelance personal instruction without a cage rental.  


- (Grace period) - There is a 30 min grace period before your appointment is given to the next customer waiting. 

- Use of the Pitching Cage and 70' Hitting Cage is limited to 1 Hour intervals when others are waiting. It is STRONGLY suggested that users sign up at the front desk to use these cages, or risk being asked to exit for others who do sign up.

- Cages are sometimes rented or used for lessons, a cage schedule is posted daily and updated constantly on the website and facility. Check this schedule via the home page link to see daily cage availability. Machine cages are kept open whenever possible.





The quickest way to reach us is by way of email. To send an email simply complete the form on our contact page. We can also be reached by phone.

Thank you for visiting us!

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